Saturday, January 21, 2006

California State Senate Republican Disses President Bush, Ignores War on Terror

Meet California State Senator Charles "Chuck" Poochigian of Fresno, a worthy state legislator in our governing party who has encouraged California Republicans, as the loyal opposition in that state, to work within our great American democratic political system:

The best interests of Republicans lie in bipartisan relationships, [Poochigian] said, which will lead to respect and eventually influence.

"Even in the minority, as Republicans, we can make a difference," he said.

According to Poochigian, the success of the [UC] Davis College Republicans [CRs] is an indicator that young Republicans care about the political process and their country. He encouraged young Republicans to get educated and align themselves with likeminded people, as well as volunteer on his campaign.

Well, Senator Poochigian, even though you are a state legislator, with the War on Terror our nation's most important concern, why didn't you at least encourage the UC Davis CRs to consider volunteering for military service, as well as volunteering for your campaign?

Both you and President Bush served in the Air National Guard when you were young men and a Republican was in the White House. Don't you want to Support The President? Why didn't you urge the UC Davis CRs to set a good example for the rest of us? Isn't that what National Leadership Responsibility is all about?


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