Sunday, October 30, 2005

Response to YAF Chickenhawk Talking Points

I just posted this on the Young Americans for Freedom "Chickenhawk" thread:

Why the "Chickenhawk Argument" is patriotic!

Thanks to all who have commented thus far, but I think most of you are missing the point.

The "Chickenhawk Argument" is actually quite patriotic.

Here's how: Our country has had elections over the past few years, by which the American people have selected one party to lead the entire country (both Houses of Congress and the White House; the President has yet to veto a single bill).

Leadership means responsibilities.

Operation Yellow Elephant reminds the current and future leaders of our governing party of their leadership responsibilities. After all, if you cannot lead our military into war, or even consider [just consider!] volunteering yourself if you are eligible, then you really aren't worthy of leading our country.

So, what the "Chickenhawk Argument" is really doing is motivate Our President's strongest supporters to Save This Presidency by volunteering to Support Our President by serving in the military in Iraq.

Wouldn't it be great if this wasn't satire?

Thank you for your attention.


At 01 November, 2005 15:53, Blogger evan-genital said...

line 'em up and ship 'em out. let them take their war of ideas to the battlefield and give them a taste of reality. let their fat-assed, bush-worshipping, suv-driving parents bite their goddamned nails. assholes like that need a baptism by fire. the ones who survive will surely be better, more responsible citizens.

At 02 November, 2005 13:55, Blogger ed sharp said...

It has been brought to my attention that there are some people who object to being called a Chickenhawk. Many of those that helped bring about the war in Iraq by repeating the LIES and deceiving the public but feel that they are too good to serve their country are now crying and pouting about being called Chickenhawks. Well, to call these sniveling cowards Chickenhawks is an insult to the nobel birds of prey that bear that name. Anyone that would desire death and distruction for innocent people in order to gain partisan advantage is beneath contempt. Those people of military age that favor the war with Iraq and support the politicians that thrive on the public's fear yet feel that military service is beneath them are in essence PARASITES that feed off the sacrifice of others. How will history judge these social PARASITES that were enthusiastic male cheerleaders for the carnage and bloodshed of an unnecessary war but were not man enough to rise to the occation when their country needed them. Most of the people that SAY they support the troops are LIARS. All they do is put the little yellow ribbon stickers (made in China) on their SUVs and they feel satisfied. The support our troops need is for more boots on the ground, so why don't these republicans have the courage to fill those boots? Do they think that slandering a mother that has made the ultimate sacrifice is more important than helping cover the backsides of the troops in the field. As public opinion turns against these PARASITES, perhaps they will find their strength of character. But don't bet on it.
posted by ed sharp

At 02 November, 2005 23:36, Blogger merlallen said...

Look at the leader of the Party. Not only a chickenhawk but a deserter from the safest unit in the military.
And the Son of a Bitch RAN AWAY on 9/11. So what do you expect of them?

At 04 November, 2005 17:38, Blogger markg8 said...

Karl I've been posting over there under cover of a synonym. I'll say no more here but see if you can figure out who I am.

At 08 November, 2005 16:32, Blogger radar said...

I, Uh, don't get this post at all. I guess it means that none of you will ever be President?


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