Sunday, October 30, 2005

Athens OH: Nov. 2 Protest Harms Poor People's Careers

Ohio University College Republicans Vice President Marc Feneil is the Trent Lott of the next generation. Responding to Students for Peace and Justice's claim that military recruiting is often forced upon the poor of Southern Ohio, Feniel said this argument was invalid because the military provides good career opportunities for the poor:

"If they want poor people to not join the military, they should come up with other jobs for them and ways to pay for their college," he said.

Surprisingly, even anti-war leftists in California agree. At a typical leftist conference, those arguing against campus military recruitment called the occupation a rich man's war fought by the poor.

"Military recruitment is done so that poor people are doing the dirty work for those who are rich," UC Berkeley Ph.D. candidate Snehal Shingavi, a member of the UC Berkeley Stop the War Coalition and an event organizer, said.


At 01 November, 2005 14:45, Blogger larkohio said...

Oh, sure, that part of Ohio is very beautiful, very rural, and very poor. Kids join the service for lots of reasons, no jobs for one. Yep, they want to go to college all right, and who could blame them? Still, to be killed in Iraq is a high price to pay!

At 01 November, 2005 16:19, Blogger evan-genital said...

put the little shit in uniform and send him to iraq. i am just sick of reading about american casualties in this disaster. pricks like feneil who support this shit to put their money where their mouths are. line 'em up; ship 'em out.

At 03 November, 2005 10:19, Blogger Clytemnestra said...

They did have other ways for paying for college, it was called student loans, which have been cut and are being cut again.

Why are the poor and lower middle class forced to sacrifice more than the upper middle class and the rich in this war? I guess Bush omitted the words "poor and lower middle class" when he said that this war will need more sacrfice from the American people.

What he meant was that this war will need more sacrfice from the POOR and LOWER CLASS American people. The upper middle class and rich can go on living lives uninterrupted with no risk to their life. Heck, they can go on and party.

Why is it the rich who reap all the benefits? Anyone thinking that the government is really going to make good on all those veteran's benefits doesn't know the history of this country very well.


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