Saturday, October 29, 2005

York, Pennsylvania, Asks the Question

Here's a Letter to the Editor published in the York Daily Record Saturday, October 29, 2005:

Bush daughters should enlist

It is somewhat puzzling that even after the full revelations of the lies and deceptions, there are still letters to the editor being written fully supporting Bush’s Iraq madness, and what is even more puzzling is that these letters are originating from places such as Dallastown and Dover Township (PA).

If these letter writers are so blind as to be committed to Bush’s deeply flawed policy, why have they not long ago visited the local recruiting office and made themselves available for a relocation to the streets of Baghdad? Why are they not doing what persons of their ilk should see as their patriotic duty?

Furthermore, why has Bush apparently not been able to even convince his young daughters, Jenna and Barbara, of what he apparently sees as the nobility of his cause and persuaded the daughters to set an example for others by joining the armed forces to add their capabilities (whatever they may be) to the Bush crusaders in Iraq?

Is it possible that the Bush daughters and the stateside armchair Bush supporters are merely following in the footsteps of their idol, Bush, who, while saying that he fully supported the American involvement in Vietnam back in the 1960s and early 1970s, showed that he was all talk and no action by making his only contribution as a young man to that war effort from a barstool deep in the heart of Texas?

Judging by their actions, or more precisely their inaction, many of the right-wing Bush admirers apparently feel as I do that the precedent of the pitiful hot air-only Vietnam record of our faux macho “wartime president” makes those actually doing the fighting in Iraq today into not much more than a bunch of saps.



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