Saturday, October 29, 2005

Let's Make Men of the Yellow Elephants!

Operation Yellow Elephant salutes clinical psychologist Dr. Teresa Whitehurst, author of Jesus on Parenting: 10 Essential Principles That Will Transform Your Family (2004) and coauthor of The Nonviolent Christian Parent (2004), for The Executive-Congressional Draft. She proposes that political leaders taking the nation to war send their own flesh and blood before asking anyone else. "First Families Sacrifice First!"

Please check out her website. And a hat tip to Buzzflash.


At 08 November, 2005 16:34, Blogger radar said...

Does this mean that you support the drafting of the 77 Senators that voted to use force on Iraq as well? Or do you think that the evil Karl Rove tricked everyone into voting for it?

At 10 November, 2005 12:28, Blogger Karl said...

Thanks for your comment, Radar.

I think you have forgotten that the American people, over several elections, have selected one party to govern us as a nation, both Houses of Congress as well as the White House. And the President has yet to veto a single bill. So it's clear that it is our governing party that has the responsibility for our national leadership.

And if they don't want to accept it, well, they shouldn't have run for office.

Anyway, you are quite correct that if any of those 77 Senators are eligible to serve (healthy heterosexuals under 42 if no prior service), they should certainly consider serving.

I have already asked the 30-odd Republican House members under 42 if they would, in fact, do just that (resign their seats and volunteer for military service, as several House Members from both parties did in December 1941). [There's a posting from a couple of months ago suggesting this very idea.] No responses received yet.

And, for those Senators and House Members who support the war but are not personally eligible to serve, I urge them to encourage their relatives and friends, their circle of influence, to consider serving.

How about you?


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