Monday, September 26, 2005

Ask Campus Papers About College Republicans

It's very easy: Just reference the article and identify by name the College Republican who supports the troops, but apparently hasn't enlisted yet. Then Ask The Question to the student newspaper; they'll take it from there.

North Carolina State University

e-mail to viewpoint (at) technicianonline (dot) com

Georgetown University

e-mail to opinion (at) thehoya (dot) com

University of Maryland

e-mail to reporters Laurie Au and Ben Block at blockdbk (at) gmail (dot) com

University of Missouri at Columbia, MO

e-mail to maneater (at) themaneater (dot) com and also forum (at) themaneater (dot) com
Since William Kristol speaks there September 29, also e-mail editor (at) weeklystandard (dot) com

Iowa State University [Operation Yellow Elephant feedback comment Rejected!]

e-mail to letters (at) iowastatedaily (dot) com

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

e-mail to stntdesk (at) unc (dot) edu

Some on-line editions solicit feedback and comments (usually moderated). Don't forget to include the Operation Yellow Elephant link, including the http://


At 26 October, 2005 00:29, Blogger EricKinnamon said...

I already joined, and I plan to join again, I suspect the war on Terrorism will continue for some time so They will be able to use me once again.

While I am there I will remind myself I am fighting for people like you to express your opinion.

People like me make it possible for people like you to exist.


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