Thursday, September 22, 2005

So, What Are You Doing September 24?

Well, listen up, you grabastic piles of amphibian shit. *

Should everything go as planned, or what passes for a plan with me, I will be doing some new shtick at the big rally/march/protest in Washington DC this weekend. There will be in-your-face provocation, there will be video, there will be wingnuts in tears.

I'm fighting off the flu and just had root canal. I got people planning to come in from Boston, so what's your excuse, punk? If you can get there this weekend, do it. If you have a plan, do it. If you don't, do it anyway. Your warm damn body will be contribution enough.

Just to get you in the right frame of mind, here's a sneak peak at a flier I shot off for the occasion that I will be distributing:

A Brief History of American Wingnuttery:

Now, sound off here, or report to the General, but let me hear you've got your asses in gear.

*written ripped to the tits on Nyquil.


At 23 September, 2005 03:53, Blogger Karl said...

Rev. Mykeru-

Yes, Reverend, I have been recruiting for your legions from afar.

Karl Olson


At 23 September, 2005 09:37, Blogger anomalink said...

Could you post one large enough for us old folks to read? Presbyopia strikes again.

At 23 September, 2005 14:29, Blogger Scott said...

Well this just pisses me off.

We need OYE now more than ever!

At 23 September, 2005 16:26, Blogger DSD said...

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At 23 September, 2005 22:52, Blogger Rev. Sacrilege said...

I live in KC, and therefore won't be making it to DC, unfortunately.

I have caught wind of a protest that is supposed to originate at the corner of Westport Road and Broadway, marching to the recruiting office on 39th St.

I'll have my Operation Yellow Elephant fliers handy!

At 25 September, 2005 20:17, Blogger Boston-Metro Chapter of Billionaires For Bush said...


Boston nothing! We had Billionaires limo in from Ohio (Toledo and Columbus)! We stationed ourselves as close to the Treasury Building as we were able. We thought the presence of so much cash would be a comfort, but then we realized the Treasury was empty because we had already looted it! Quelle Dommage!

We did outnumber those tacky freeper creeps along the march route. Do you know that not one of them was wearing pearls or a tuxedo! It was very, very sad.


Ivana Moore-Enmoore
Richly Upholstered Chair
Boston-Metro Chapter
Billionaires for Bush


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