Friday, September 23, 2005

Cindy Sheehan Joins Operation Yellow Elephant

She's suggesting that military recruiters sign up young male counter-demonstrators. Thanks to Buzzflash. Here's what she said to counter-protestors at North Carolina State University:

If you're here to support the war in Iraq then I think you should join it. I hear recruitment numbers are low.

In Raleigh, she tried to get the recruiters interested in the College Republican counter-protestors.

You go, girl!


At 26 September, 2005 16:15, Blogger Aaron Kinney said...


At 03 October, 2005 12:04, Blogger Future Soldier said...

You are so right!!

At 28 January, 2006 20:03, Anonymous john cooke said...

well ole horse face said it right, join up! I would, but they don't take 68 year old Marines, and as I passed her I might use my bayonet for something useful.

john cooke


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