Monday, July 23, 2007

Yellow Elephant Matthew Continetti: Read the Transcript!

Here's the complete transcript of Matthew Continetti (left) being Asked The Question by a real American in Beaverton, Oregon. It's clear from the current issue of The Weekly Standard (right) that Associate Editor Continetti is some kind of military groupie like Brian Kilmeade of Fox News Channel. That's why we haven't given up on Matthew Continetti: We think that military service will actually help not only him, but also America.

Caller [Beaverton, OR]: Rob, let me have just a minute with Mr. Continetti here.

Host: Just a minute.

Caller: Yeah, just a minute, 'cause I've been a good C-Span caller and respectful. All right, uh, Matthew, if I may, OK, uh, do you support this war, correct? Yes or no?

Continetti: I do.

Caller: Are you capable of holding a gun? Yes or no?

Continetti: Uh, Let me stop you right there, caller.

Caller: No, no, there's no need to stop me. Answer the question: Yes or No. Are you capable of holding a gun?

Host: Beaverton, cut to the chase.

Caller: Uh, uh, OK. Let me cut to the chase. Here's another traitor and a coward like the earlier callers we were talking about before. He's all out for this war, you know, I was watching Imus before his fall. He mentioned maggots in the legs of soldiers up here in the Northwest, up here in a hospital. You know, I'm disgusted to the bone with anybody who supports this war. They are cowards if they are not over there. You're perfectly of age. You're perfectly capable of being over there and shootin' 'em up. You [cut off]

Host: We're going to leave it there.

Continetti: The caller, besides his anger, raises a point that's brought up, out against the supporters of the war a lot and that's the argument that if you really supported the war, you'd be fighting it. And, unfortunately, that goes against the Constitution, which gives every American the right to speak their mind, regardless of their biography or regardless of what they do, so it's an unconstitutional argument. It's a demeaning argument to the troops in the field because it assumes that they're somehow victims, and that they're not there of their own free will. We have a voluntary Army and the people serving are there of their own free will.

It's demeaning to the caller because it suggests that his entire argument in opposition to the war is based solely on the, his opinion of the supporters of the war, with no intellectual content. You can talk about why America is in Iraq and why America ought to be in Iraq and what America can do to win in Iraq, but so many people aren't willing to have that conversation because of the emotions that are brought up by this war, on both sides, and it's time that, for both sides I think, to kind of take a step back and have a serious discussion about what we need to do going forward to protect everyone.

OYE Comment:

Well, Mr. Continetti, since this blog has not taken a position on the war, we're Asking The Question with less, if any, bias:

We agree with you that all Americans have the right to any opinion they want, including no opinion at all, but the real question for you is why we should respect your opinion on the war, given that you support it only if "other people" do the actual fighting.

Stepping back, how important is success in Iraq to America if our national civilian leadership has yet to encourage real Americans eligible to serve who support the war [including Matthew Continetti] at least to consider volunteering for military service at this time, even if they plan other careers later in life?

It would appear that there is a disconnect or inconsistency or something.

'Care to comment?


At 23 July, 2007 13:28, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Now OYE - you know very well that Matthew has 'other priorities' - he is fighting the War of Ideas (TM) from the safety of his office at the National Review.

At 23 July, 2007 16:48, Blogger Grung_e_Gene said...

It's quite clear there is a segment of the American population which due to several factors, considers themselves above military service.

Many of the people fighting the 'Terrorist emboldeners' in the US probably have convinced themselves they are just as valuable as soldiers doding mortars and getting their limbs blown off in Iraq.

What they are suffering is Delusion; a false and persistent belief not supported by sensory or objective evidence.

At 25 July, 2007 17:39, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Has anyone noticed the yellow elephants new argument lately?

If you say that you should serve in the military because you support the war is like saying that if your against fires, you should be a fire fighter or something similar to that?

I don't see the connection, but maybe someone can explain what these cowards are trying to say.

At 27 July, 2007 02:09, Anonymous Anonymous said...


That is a very real lack of qualified recruits to do the fighting over there in Iraq. Considering all those loudly vocal pro-war advocates who feel so strongly about the rightness of Bush's cause and how desperately it needs to succeed, you'd think that every able bodied one of them would be lining up to fill that gap and help bring peace and democracy to Iraq and destroy the Al Qaeda .

Where are they?


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