Monday, April 05, 2010

More Jaybird

Our favorite coward Jason Mattera is doing his best Paris Hilton act by getting as much camera time as possible. He recently harassed Senator Al Franken over a provision in the Health Care Law designed to help children grow up more physically fit.

DK has a complete takedown of this common dope:
But if that weren't enough, let's examine exactly what provisions of the health care law Mr. Mattera is so incensed with.

The first provision: tax incentives designed specifically to promote fitness in schools and reduce childhood obesity. It doesn't take the most brilliant health care policy expert in the world to point out that the childhood obesity epidemic is a serious concern--not just medically, but fiscally as well. Childhood obesity has significant correlations to expensive, chronic conditions such as diabetes. Healthy children, on the other hand, usually become healthy adults--the type who produce far less strain on the health care system. From a purely logical standpoint, then, it makes significant sense for the government to invest in children's health.

Mr. Mattera, however, seems to disagree. It is hard to know whether this is because he hates government, hates children, or both. Perhaps if Mattera had a child in public school, he might be more concerned about whether or not that child could receive a healthy meal, or get a chance to exercise. In either case, Sean Hannity and the rest of the conservative media movement have absolutely no problem with reviling this particular provision.

For the most part this post is way off topic for what we cover. We just wish to point out that there's a reason why Mattera disagrees with this provision: Jason Mattera hates fitness. See this post from OYE's past. If you roll the below video up to the 1:58 mark you will find Jason not able to complete a proper pushup.

Although Mr. Mattera appears to be at a proper body weight, it is evident that he lacks the muscle mass to overcome gravity and push himself up from the earth. We've encouraged Jason to enlist in the past, to help strengthen his body in boot camp, but somewhere along the way we concluded he'd rather face old, doughy Congress Critters than enemies in combat (but we're certainly not above mocking him).



At 06 April, 2010 14:40, Blogger Grung_e_Gene said...

Oh come on it's not as if Mattera has advocated War for the past 7 years, spending those years, while he was in his fit and healthy 20's staying safely tucked away denouncing College Professors or something.

At 06 April, 2010 22:47, Blogger Wek said...

When his book comes out I'm debating if I should review it or not? I really can't stomach the thought of putting my money in his pocket. It should be an easy read, though. Jason doesn't exactly lose anyone with his 'intellect'.

At 08 April, 2010 09:58, Anonymous gih said...

hhmm, I think that's good for him.


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