Thursday, April 01, 2010

Ben Quayle Announces Run for Congress

Over six weeks after his father, the former Vice President, spilled the beans, 33-year-old healthy heterosexual Ben Quayle is announcing his candidacy for the House of Representatives in Arizona's Third District in the Phoenix area. The Republican Primary is August 24.

Here's Operation Yellow Elephant's comments on our topic in his statement:
Why I'm Running for Congress

Now more then ever a new generation of leadership is needed in Washington and I hear that call. I’m running for Congress because I can’t sit back and watch from the sidelines while the country I know and love is taken down an unsustainable path – a path where government takes more control of our everyday lives and the burden of out of control spending and irresponsibility puts our nation at risk. [Emphasis added]
OYE Comment:

Ben, haven't you been "watching from the sidelines" of the Global War on Terror [GWOT] for, like, seven years under a President of your own party, which also controlled Congress for most of that time? Why the change of heart?
And that’s why I’m stepping up now and running for Congress – Because I will fight to restore accountability and fiscally conservative values in Washington.
OYE Comment:

Ben, while the Federal budget deficit is off-topic for this blog, if you sat out the GWOT, how can your future constituents be assured that you will "fight"?
For the past month, I’ve spoken to hundreds of people in the 3rd Congressional District that worry about the future of their family, our state and our nation. I understand their fear and pessimism because it’s rooted in the fact that our current leaders ignore our voice and instead take our nation in the direction of big government. But we can’t let this fear and pessimism cause inaction. Now is NOT the time for inaction. Now is the time to keep the faith, that we the people, must join together and restore the American way. It’s the optimism and faith of the American people which has always determined our resolve. It has enabled us to overcome many obstacles in the past, and I believe that by keeping the faith and sending a message to the establishment this November, we will prevail. We must reclaim the belief that our country’s greatness comes from its people, not from the government.
OYE Comment:

Ben, while most of the above is off-topic for this blog, we cannot help but note that "fear and pessimism" caused your "inaction" during George W. Bush's leadership of the GWOT. At least, that's the conclusion we have drawn, since you never responded to our questions.
I’m the fourth generation in my family to live and work in Arizona. I have deep ties within this state and within this district. Arizona has always embodied the western Ideal of hard work and freedom. I’m fortunate to live in a state that, on a daily basis, reminds me of America’s freedom and potential. My great grandparents, grandparents, parents and siblings have all lived in the third congressional district. I’m getting married here in next week and will start a family soon. I want to be sure that our our children will have the same opportunities that our parents and grandparents had and that they grow up in the same America that I did. As Congressman from the third Congressional District, I promise you I’ll fight to make this country and state great again. Our children and grandchildren deserve that America.
OYE Comment:

Ben, while we congratulate you on your upcoming marriage to Tiffany, your promise that you will "fight" frankly rings hollow.
But I can’t undertake this restoration alone – because this campaign isn’t about me. It’s about all of us and what we can do to reclaim our country and put us back on the right track. It won’t be easy — nothing our country has resolved to do ever was –but it’s time for us to join together and restore this great nation. It’s the only way our country’s future looks brighter than the past. I hope you’ll all join and support me in this journey.
OYE Comment:

Ben, what can and will put our country back on the right track is credible national leadership. But we do wish you and Tiffany well in your future life together.

OYE Update: Photo tip to Phoenix New Times, the only media outlet that bothered to show up for the actual announcement.



At 01 April, 2010 23:40, Anonymous Anonymous said...

If military service is critical in evaluating a candidate's character and credibility, who did you vote for in the last Presidential election?

At 03 April, 2010 08:07, Blogger OYE said...

Anonymous [01 April, 2010 23:40]-

I refer you to the series "About Operation Yellow Elephant," OYE 101 etc., on the upper right.

Since 9/11/2001, national leadership, including military service, has become critical in evaluating a candidate's character and credibility.

That's why we encourage candidates who fit our profile [eligible to serve and support the war only if "other people" do the actual fighting] to respond to our questions.

Once they do, we leave them alone and encourage the voters to consider all relevant facts in making their own decisions.

At 15 July, 2010 11:23, Blogger Barbara said...

Ben Quayle needs to answer the question where he was from 2002-2004 bio blank on those years. I called his campaign office and they didn't know wanted to get back to me in a couple of days. Quayle was a no show at AZ2010 for interview on candidate to endorse.
2 years work experience outside of "The Family Quayle." 5 years 2 month total work expersience. 33 years and never voted in an Arizona election and wants to be a Congressman. Nothing like starting at the top. Why not, he was born with a silver spoon in his mouth? Moved to Arizona in 2006 bought a house in district 3 in Dec 2009.
A vote for Ben is a legacy vote for Dan


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