Monday, March 29, 2010

Mattera Stalks Again

We wonder if Jason Mattera stalks his ex-girlfriends in the same manner he shadows Senators and Congressmen? Whoa, let me stop myself there. The only women he's talked to in his life have thrown drinks on his shirt or sprayed him down with a can of mace.

Recently Jason popped out of a manhole cover to ambush Congressman Alan Greyson.

MATTERA: What about the house -- there's the House portion that provides funding for Native American child molesters and the Senate portion that provides

GRAYSON: Oh God, are you a kook?

MATTERA: -- that mandates - No, this is in the bill.

GRAYSON: Are you a kook? 'Cause you're starting to sound like it.

MATTERA: This is in your bill that you voted for.

GRAYSON: Okay, have a nice day.

Let us confirm for you, Congressman Grayson, that Mattera is indeed a kook. As well as a coward and a racist.

Here's the entire video if you dare (Jason is the one on the left, wearing a size 28 sportcoat)

Note to Jason: please spring for a quality camera. Your frat buddy filming with his cellphone really makes you look like more of a joker.



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