Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Glenn Greenwald joins Operation Yellow Elephant

To supplement Glenn Greenwald destroys DADT supporters (above), Greenwald continues:
But one thing is clear: in American culture, there has long been a group of men (typified by Kristol and O'Hanlon) who equate toughness and masculinity with fighting wars, yet who also know that they lack the courage of their own convictions, and thus confine themselves to cheerleading for wars from afar and sending others off to fight but never fighting those wars themselves (Digby wrote the seminal post on that sorry faction back in 2005). It seems that individuals plagued by that affliction are eager to avoid having it rubbed in their faces that there are large numbers of homosexual warriors who possess the courage (the "testosterone-laden tough-guyness") which the O'Hanlons and Kristols, deep down, know they lack. Banning gay people from serving openly in the military as warriors is an excellent way of being able to deny that reality to themselves.
OYE Comment:

We warmly welcome Glenn Greenwald to Operation Yellow Elephant.

Hat tip to Andrew Sullivan.



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