Thursday, January 21, 2010

Same ole, same ole.

The new generation of Republicans are as tolerant as the old. Don't expect them to overturn DADT if the decision was left to them.
The GW College Republicans have withdrawn their financial support from Meghan McCain's upcoming appearance at GW, after claims that the Allied in Pride president was not forthcoming about the topic of McCain's speech.

Michael Komo, president of Allied in Pride, told The Hatchet last week that McCain would be appearing as the keynote speaker of their annual "Marriage Equality Week" in February, but the CR leadership claims they were not aware of this when they were asked for their financial support.

I've attended Young Republican events, and believe me, there ain't many women there. You'd think they'd welcome any woman that is willing to stand before them?

These dudes have lotsa hate within them.


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