Thursday, January 07, 2010

What goes around....

If one is going to allude to their political opponents as being gay, one should probably avoid photo opps such as these. From AMERICAblog:

The National Republican Campaign Committee has a child running their press outreach, and apparently the GOP frat boy thinks it's funny to insinuate that Democrats are gay, simply based on innuendo (which is ironic, when you see his photo). You see, the NRCC spokesman informs us, repeatedly, that the candidate in question cares about "his body image." And we all know what it means when a guy cares about his body image.

In unrelated news, it must have been one hell of a party that same NRCC spokesman, Andy Seré, attended last May, according to his Facebook page. The Fete was called the "GOB Freedom Festival." It caught my eye since "gob," among other things, is gay slang for oral sex, and for young gay sailors (and, an even odder coincidence, the party was for a military friend coming back to the states). It gets even odder when you look at the photos from the GOB "festival" that I found on Facebook. (The NRCC chap is listed on the GOB page guest list as having attended.) The photos are below. Now, I'm not going to comment on the body image of Mr. Seré's friends, but let's just say that Manhunt may get a run for their money.

As a sidenote his Facebook page says he's a fan of "Al's #1 Italian Beef". We bet you are fan, Andy. We bet you are.
We'll keep fighting to end Don't Ask, Don't Tell so that gentlemen like Andy may serve openly in The Military if he so chooses.



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