Sunday, December 06, 2009

Iraq Veteran Running for Congress

Libertarian Adam Kokesh will run for Congress in New Mexico's 3rd district. Unlike the coward Ethan Hastert, Mr. Kokesh has served Our Country in uniform and didn't have to depend on his father to kick start his career. And unlike Marco Rubio, Adam doesn't dodge the issues about Veterans and National Security.

Below is an exchange from earlier this year featuring Adam and Uncle Jimbo from Blackfive. The exchange was relatively entertaining considering they don't exactly see things eye-to-eye.

Update: Adam Kokesh lost the Republican primary.



At 07 December, 2009 00:01, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Adam Kokesh FTW in 2010!

At 12 December, 2009 10:14, Anonymous ynot4tony2 said...

So, anyone who didn't join the military is a "coward"? Is that your assessment?

I won't generalize about an overwhelming majority of the American public, like you have. Instead, I'll speak about just one person: you.

You're a fucking idiot, and you constantly wear out the same old, pathetic liberal arguments that have no basis in logic and simply cannot, do not, further the debate. You're the equivalent of a childish name-caller who, when told right from wrong, only has the comeback, "Well, you're a poop-head!"

No wonder no one gives a shit about your blog. Not even your family and friends. I could read this sort of drivel on a typical teenager's myspace blog. You're nothing special. You're not a unique snowflake.

But, you are a flake.

At 12 December, 2009 21:28, Blogger Paula said...

OK Tony, I have been reading your comments from the top down on this blog, and I haven't seen anything that doesn't make me think of Pat the Keyboard Kommando. You obviously never served. So either Be A Man, Enlist! or STFU. Wek, sorry for the outburst. I am just sick and tired of people who never served, that are willing for my brother and sister Americans to die and not make any effort at serving themselves. Thanks, James

At 12 December, 2009 21:31, Blogger Paula said...

Tony, to answer your question. No, not all Americans who didn't join the military is a coward. The cowards are the ones who say we should send our children, siblings, parents, et al off to possibly die while they sit home waiting for someone else to do the shitty work. Thanks, James

At 13 December, 2009 12:07, Blogger Wek said...

Goddamnit Tony! Are you trying to comment on every post? Go out and get a beer, a girlfriend, or something. Anything!

At 27 December, 2009 23:30, Blogger KingBushwicktheToityToid said...

After reading your comments,I'm reminded of what Buzz Lightyear(Tim Allen)told Woody(Tom Hanks)in"Toy Story":
"You Are a Sad Strange Little Man!!You Have My Pity!!".

Yes,I get tired of Whiny Assed Liberals BUT I get equally tired of
Sanctimonious Whiny Assed NeoCons!!!

Oh,I know your type:Your'e just a little nerdy loner who never had a girlfriend except in your dreams
where your'e having a three way with Anoxeric NeoCon Celebutant Skanktard Ann Coulter AND Fillipino
Anchor Baby Michelle Malkin!!!

Or perhaps you fantasize about"Taking A Trip Down The Ol'Hershey Highway"with Marine
Gay For Pay Porn Star Matt Sanchez!!!

By the way,I'm from the Lone Star State of Texas and I realized a few years back that The Dixie Chicks were right!!

The Bushes aren't really Texans!!
THeyr'e a bunch of damned Carpetbaggers from Connecticut
who came here to make money!!!

LBJ was a true Texan!!Bush is just
a little alcoholic inbred carpetbagger who bought his ranch for show!!!

And if Adam Kokesh livred in the DFW Area,he'd have my vote!!!
BTW,King Bushwick the 33rd(Yours Truly) had two nephews who served in Iraq and returned home safe!!

And one of my neice's husbands served in Afghanistan and now serves in the BATF!!*
(*Yres,the same BATF who supposedly gunned down a bunch of innocent people who merely pracitced their religion!!
Bullshyt!!!David Koresh was nothing more than a manipulative
pedophile con artist masquerading as a clergyman!!!).

And I shake the hand of a serviceman past or present!!


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