Thursday, November 26, 2009

Nothing is Shocking Anymore

Fox News host, Glenn Beck, encourages servicemen to not re-enlist (via).

Whoa. Glenn is trying to thrust his cowardice onto all. It's impossible to know how many times he got his ass kicked over his lifetime.



At 26 November, 2009 21:14, Blogger Марко Фризия said...

I am an Army veteran and a Democrat. Sad thing is that Bush et alia have decimated the American economy so bad that there aren't any jobs for people who do want to leave the military. Glenn Beck, like his fellow coward Rush Limbaugh, should move to Iran where his values "fit in" better. They are traitors to our country. Wonder if George Bush, now that he has more time on his hands, is planning on finishing his contractual obligation to the Air National Guard?

At 26 November, 2009 21:14, Blogger Марко Фризия said...

Did I forget to mention I am gay, too?

At 28 November, 2009 21:54, Blogger Paula said...

Wek, check this guy's site out, I wrote you about him several weeks ago. Its's called Thanks, James Video: Your Weekend War Porn Video
By Patrick, on November 28th, 2009
I must say, that this, is SWEET to watch. The footage is from 2004 and was shot in Iraq.

This comes via Apache Clips:

I love posting stuff like this, because makes the Paleo-Conservative cowards and the liberal sissies heads explode!


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At 29 November, 2009 15:43, Blogger Wek said...

Paula- Thanks! I'll have something up soon. Very, very funny.

At 05 December, 2009 09:14, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Glen Beck's "word" means anything?


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