Sunday, November 22, 2009

Cold War Going Retro

Meet Jordan Richardson, president of the College Republicans at Marshall University. Mr. Richardson is gravely concerned about getting nuked in his Huntington, WV frat house.
The film is a one-hour documentary produced by The Heritage Foundation, a conservative public policy research institute, that suggests a ballistic missile fired from anywhere in the world could hit a U.S. target in 33 minutes or less.

"It's a very real threat that we have knowing that at any moment dangerous people in the world would threaten us with a ballistic missile," said Jordan Richardson, president of College Republicans. "I think this was a very good display of why we need to continue (missile defense)."

Richardson said he thinks it is important for members of the group and other people to be educated about this threat.

"Missile defense is not something every knows about," Richardson said. "In 33 minutes, life as we know it in America could be over."

Of course if Jordan decided to enlist after college he can help nullify the nuclear threat before the bad guys get a shot off. Unfortunately his biography tells us he's more interested in attending law school and political activism. Good thing it's not too late and we can contact Jordan and encourage him to Be A Man! Enlist! before he sets off down his wussy path. After all if this threat truly is as dangerous as he believes why wouldn't he take 4 years out of his life to join The Military to protect Our Country?



At 09 December, 2009 16:05, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm frankly a little puzzled sometimes as to how these morons actually get into college.


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