Monday, November 09, 2009

Bring back Charlie!

What's going on with the College Republicans? I can't believe they're now talking to that liberal rag, The Nation.

Since 1/2 of our readers consist of these rodents I'm a bit worried about them not staying unified. The last thing we need is for them to fragment and some of them actually become credible members of society*. I mean, can you believe this?
Derek Turner, communications director of the CUCR, expresses a similar dissatisfaction with the party. "There are far too many times where I am embarrassed of the Republican Party," he says. "[It] is definitely in disarray.... We are in the midst of soul-searching." Unfortunately, this soul-searching is playing out on a national stage, in which the Republicans with the loudest, most reactionary voices seem to make the strongest impression.
Or this:
David Laska, the 22-year-old president of New York University College Republicans, says, "We need to start paying less attention to the Tom Tancredo wing of the Republican Party. I don't think that wing of the party is as big as some people make it out it be." But if the Scozzafava dropout proves anything, it is that regardless of size, the far right is gaining not only airtime but actual influence within the GOP. For moderate young Republicans, it has become more important that they gain control of their own party than remove Democrats from power.
Where is CRNC Chairman, Zach Howell, when these guys are talking smack about the party? You gotta get your young honkeys in line, Zach. All the dude does is send out Tweets and puts up less blog posts than I do. This isn't leadership! Goddamn, even that parasite Charlie Smith attempted to keep the CR's together. Yeah, yeah everyone knows what a disaster he turned out to be as chairman, like he enjoyed stepping on the pointed end of the rake, but at least Charlie made my life easier. Whenever I didn't have much time to post I just Googled his name and "BAM!" the search returned a stupid statement or act I threw out on OYE.

Get with it, Zach. You can't continue to run the CR's from your Blackberry.

*Kidding here. We'd welcome these idiots to become respected members of society. Certainly would help Our Country in these times and in the future.



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