Thursday, October 29, 2009

A Few Items

(poor kid doesn't have a chance)
- What is with the College Republican National Committee? Their last post was a crayon drawing of Nancy Pelosi accompanied with the worst attempt at poetry ever. I never thought it'd come down to it, but I miss former dumbass chairman, Charlie Smith.
- Meet some more 'Young Guns' of the Republican Party. And re-meet Ethan Hastert since that D-bag is mentioned in the article.
- Hope this can get pushed through:
Two Florida lawmakers propose an expansion of Post-9/11 GI Bill coverage to include reimbursement for the cost of college preparation classes.
- "It's just a flesh wound"
Police in Colorado Springs say a Fort Carson soldier set to return to Afghanistan intentionally shot himself in the shoulder to avoid deployment.

They say 26-year-old Robert Murchison and his girlfriend found a parking spot near Penrose-St. Francis main hospital on Wednesday night and then he shot himself in the car.

Murchison and 28-year-old Chasaity Peoples allegedly first told police that they had stopped to help a stranded motorist and that the driver shot him.


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