Monday, October 19, 2009

Around the College Republican World

I actually feel bad for them about this one. They're in college not serving Our Country in uniform. Of course they're gonna throw a few back.
The state Liquor Control Commission is looking into statements made in a college student's blog that underage drinking took place at candidates' parties during a recent gathering of Michigan Republicans on Mackinac Island.
Useless News and World Distort tells us that the Michigan President of the College Republicans wasn't acting very Republicany.
Chaffin caused some "internal strife" among College Republicans when, on Facebook, he expressed support for President Obama's healthcare reforms. Chaffin also agreed to be interviewed by the Michigan Independent—which, according to the Daily, is a "left-leaning" magazine on Michigan's campus—without getting permission from the College Republicans, the Daily reported. He further ruffled feathers over his comments to the Daily Sunday, when he told the paper of his "forthcoming impeachment" before any impeachment hearings had taken place.
The Indiana State University chapter is really going to change the public perception of the CR's. They mean it. Really. They won't fail like the other 6000 chapters.
"We're mostly interested in taking time to rebuild our public image," said Cook, a senior political science major.

The organization wishes to increase in size and add more diversity to the Republican Party, Cook said.


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