Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Dan Savage addresses the never ending DADT


It sure would be nice if President Obama would try to keep gays in the Military. Particularly after announcing an additional 30,000 Soldiers and Marines will be sent to Afghanistan next year. Our Country can use as many guys and gals in uniform as we can get.



At 12 December, 2009 10:18, Anonymous ynot4tony2 said...

Yes, because gays have shown their eagerness to serve in Iraq by intentionally disobeying the "Don't ask, don't tell" policy to get discharged.

The military doesn't operate under the same set of laws and freedoms the rest of the country does. It's not a social experiment. It's not a federal jobs program. It has a very specific function, and it is often necessary to deny certain freedoms of the volunteer army to allow it to fully function.

Why do you continue to talk out your ass about military matters? Are you one of those "cowards" you keep bringing up, who didn't serve? Because you just sound like you have your head too far up your ass on such matters to actually have ever served in the military. You sound like no other military man I've ever met.

At 12 December, 2009 21:34, Blogger Paula said...

Tony, to quote Pat the Keyboard Kommando,"Fuck You!" Thanks, James

At 13 December, 2009 12:08, Blogger Wek said...

I answered this question 2 posts north of this one.


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