Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Too Few Shouldering the Cost

Bob Herbert calls out the newest Yellow Elephants. (Via - also an excellent read)
I spoke recently with a student at Columbia who was enthusiastic about the escalation of U.S. forces in Afghanistan. He argued that a full-blown counterinsurgency effort, which would likely take many years and cost many lives, was the only way to truly win the war.

He was a very bright young man: thoughtful and eager and polite. I asked him if he had any plans to join the military and help make this grand mission a success. He said no.


At 12 December, 2009 10:10, Anonymous ynot4tony2 said...

Aren't you glad SOMEONE is commenting, even if it's someone there to point out how stupid and hypocritical you are?

The whole, "Why don't you enlist?" comeback is pathetic, and is the hallmark of an intellectually defeated man who must repeat worn-out arguments like a parrot.

Are you a policeman? Are you a fireman? Get the point yet, moron? Doesn't is absolutely suck when your own (il)logic is used against you?

At 12 December, 2009 17:56, Blogger Karl said...

I just got back from over a year in Iraq.

At 12 December, 2009 21:20, Blogger Paula said...

Tony, you seem to lack the manners of a well raised young man. Surely your mother taught you better than that. Now, obviously we disagree politically, but that is no reason to be a rude son of a bitch. No one here has called you any names (until now) and no one has engaged you with any thing but proper manners. Disagree, with someone, argue your point vigorously, but you don't have to be a dick about it. BTW, have you served your country, and if so, thank you for your service. Thanks, James

At 13 December, 2009 12:05, Blogger Wek said...

I joined the USCG Auxiliary, so I do what I can.


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