Thursday, December 10, 2009

Daddy's Girl

Really, the 14th District in IL can do better than Ethan Hastert.
"Dennis Hastert is the very kind of Republican that voters resoundingly rejected in 2006. I don't believe Ethan will be able to get past that, regardless of how far 'right' he runs in the primary. Voters are tired of actors. They want real leadership," Purcell said. "It is extremely important that Republicans take back the 14th Congressional District from Bill Foster and Nancy Pelosi. But the only way this will happen is if Republicans nominate a conservative candidate not plugged into the 'establishment' that is responsible for losing our majority in Congress."
How pathetic is one's campaign when they have to roll in a 1990's era chickenhawk icon?
Former Speaker Newt Gingrich (R-Ga.) will headline a fundraiser Dec. 11 for Illinois congressional candidate Ethan Hastert.

Hastert, an attorney, is running for the seat of his former House Speaker father, Dennis (R). He faces primary opposition from state Sen. Randy Hultgren, among others, but he has secured much of the establishment's support.
Here it is folks. This is how power is passed from one generation to the next without having to earn the respect of the constituents. Ethan's only service to our country was as a Bush staffer. Not very impressive considering he wouldn't have been able to get his dick in the door without the help of his old man.



At 12 December, 2009 10:08, Anonymous ynot4tony2 said...

Just you libtards refer to Democrats who never served in the military as "chickenhawks"? Or do you hypocritically reserve it for Republicans?

And I know this must really piss you off...the fact that a majority of those serving in the military, stateside and overseas, across all branches, are Republican, and supported Bush over Kerry and McCain over Obama.

Facts such when you're liberal. Only your fellow libtards are going to get any sort of charge over your "chickenhawk" bullshit.

At 12 December, 2009 21:13, Blogger Paula said...

Tony, first of all cite your references for there being more republicans in the military(I'm an honorably discharged vet and I am a "libtard"). Second of all, I think of anyone as a chickenhawk who advocates a war or any military action who is not willing to go and serve in said war or action, regardless of party affiliation. There just seems to be more repubs who fit the definition. Thanks, James

At 13 December, 2009 12:02, Blogger Wek said...

Tony- please feel welcome to send me any liberal eligible-to-serve folks that are now suddenly pro-Afghanistan War (i.e. Obamabots that changed their position since the President announced an increase in troops to the country). I've seen some in comment threads on blogs, but no one remotely noteable. Believe me, I'll be more than happy to post on those assholes, too.

At 27 December, 2009 17:52, Blogger jimmy said...

where is this guys district , I may have to relocate and vote against him

At 03 January, 2010 13:55, Blogger Wek said...

He's in IL-14.


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