Sunday, January 24, 2010

At least they remembered those who serve

Now that the media treats the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan as though they've concluded it's not so easy to find much info on Young and College Republicans opining about the conflicts. It was once a trendy topic for the YR's, something that made them puff out their chests and suck in their guts, but not so much any longer when Our Country has other concerns. After all, stories about hosts leaving American Idol and pro golfers screwing strippers are much more interesting than Servicemen thousands of miles away.

So, I was mildly surprised to see the Iowa College Republicans send care packages to our troops overseas. They didn't have to do it. Especially since they won't even be able to get the pats on the back they would have received a few years ago when so many peeps had wrapped themselves up in phony displays of Patriotism. So thanks Iowa CR's for doing something. You're not nearly as worthless as the other College Republican chapters.

(yeah, I lowered the standards a lot to post something nice about these dudes. But the standards are low and continue to sink to become a College Republican, so we're just trying to keep up with their subterranean level. And sadly, this may be the best of what the CR's have to offer since so few of these degenerates will actually man-up and enlist.)


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