Friday, January 29, 2010

More on James O'Keefe

In an expression of the high regard in which our society holds Yellow Elephants and the like, the judicial branch of our government has imposed an entirely unnecessary condition of release [bail?] on 25-year-old undercover conservative activist James O'Keefe (above, left):
Under a judge's order, he is required to reside with his parents in New Jersey pending future court hearings.
OYE Comment:

We all knew he lived with his parents. Why? Because he never found it within himself to Be A Man! Enlist!, or to consider doing so. Not surprisingly, the frustrations inherent in his current lifestyle [and we know what they are!] certainly contributed to his recent lapse of judgment.

However, we're not giving up on him yet. There is still time for him to redeem himself, separately from the potentially legitimate issue [off-topic for this blog] to which he says he was trying to call public attention.

Mr. O'Keefe does have a sense of adventure and optimism; if he can add a little discipline and perspective, he might be an asset to our military. While he works with his attorney to resolve his legal issues, we encourage introspection focused on how best he can serve our country, in the near, medium and longer terms.

Hat tip to LT Nixon.



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