Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Glenn Greenwald destroys DADT supporters

On CNN this morning Michael O'Hanlon equated members of The Military to a pack of group-thinking, gay-bashing bigots who would sooner accept an incurable case of rabies before they'd want gays in uniform.

And then Glennzilla went to his keyboard and humiliated 'the man in most need of a comb'.
Finally, what does Michael O'Hanlon know about the military, and why is he -- of all people -- being held out as some sort of expert on these matters? He's never been anywhere near the military. He specializes in establishing himself as a "testosterone-laden tough guy" by cheerleading for wars and urging that we send other people off to fight them -- all from the safety and comfort of his Brookings office. Several months ago, over 100 retired Generals and Admirals -- people who, unlike O'Hanlon, actually understand the military first-hand -- called for a repeal of DADT so that gay people can serve openly. Why would anyone believe that someone like Mike O'Hanlon, who
relentlessly waves his pom-poms for war while ensuring he never fights them, has anything worthwhile to say on the topic of the military's ability to successfully integrate openly gay service members?

Mr. Greenwald also went on to call-out freshman Congressman and former place kicker, Jason Chaffetz, for this assholish tweet:
Obama wants to get rid of "Don't ask, don't tell." Not time to do this in the middle of two wars.
Glenn asks why isn't the youngish looking Chaffetz isn't serving, but the reality is he's too old to enlist. Conveniently he missed the cut-off by a year.

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