Tuesday, February 03, 2009

We Get Threats

(to be seen in a future episode of To Catch a Predator)

Buck from Texas has kindly offered to give out 200 free, yellow "pull out of Iraq, violate 2nd amendment rights shirt(s)". Intrigued at his bold offer we thought he must have been a combat hardened Veteran that eats dirty-effin-hippies for a little protein before working out.

....and then we saw his video.

Judging by his 'PhD mouth' we became skeptical that Buck could have been included with our Best and Brightest so we asked him "have you served our country in uniform? Or do you have intentions of doing so?"

Here's the response in our email box today:
Quite simply.... no. And what of it? I have answered your question directly. Now answer mine if you have the balls. Dont duck it like a democrat party Obama supporting pussy. Was my father's and my grandfather's service in WWII and Vietnam ENOUGH sacrafice for me (their son and grandson) to freely support the Iraq war now? YES OR NO? Dont give me BULLSHIT you Michael Moore wanna be! Answer the goddam question. Because if your answer is NO, I would not mind kicking your ass!

OYE Comment: We remember the last time we hid behind our elders accomplishments. It was age 17 while still in high school. Also, we wish to thank Buck for pointing out that he is the "son and grandson" of his father and grandfather. We were perplexed at how you are related when you only refer to them as "father" and "grandfather".


At 04 February, 2009 23:04, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Buck, here is my reply to you. "Here I set my cheeks to flexin'. Fixin' to birth another Texan"

At 05 February, 2009 11:06, Blogger Badger3k said...

"was my father's sacrifice..."? Short answer.


We used to call that "hiding behind mother's skirts", a sign that the person was a coward. Whether or not my family served in any way made no difference to my service. It was my responsibility and my duty. Why has he avoided his?

At 05 February, 2009 17:43, Blogger CartoonCoyote said...

Your answer is "NO", li'l Miss Bucky.

Now do I really think you're going to kick my (or anyone else's) ass?

Answer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O6Bqf23u-40

At 07 February, 2009 12:15, Blogger robash141 said...

Maybe Buck talks that way because is father and grandfather are the same person.

At 07 February, 2009 18:45, Blogger Doppelganger said...

May I join the chorus ?

Bucky - can I call you Bucky? - NO.

Sounds like we have another spineless right-wing Texass pseudomacho cowgirl.

Now, come kick my ass.

That is, if you can open the door of your trailer when you are drunk as you seem to be.

At 12 February, 2009 14:10, Anonymous mike said...

I've got to go back to Iraq after being out for over a year and a half. Thank you BUCK, it's people like you that got us started there and refuse to join. Bush/Buck Yellow bastards from Texas.

At 13 February, 2009 12:49, Anonymous Ernie1812 said...

hey mike, are you cool with going back? If not, there are options. Lemme know and I can help get you in contact with the right people.

At 14 February, 2009 12:43, Anonymous mike said...

Ernie, I appreciate the help. But I'm stewing about in the bad economy without much prospect. If theytake me,I'll go. But I am disabled.

Thanks though.


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