Monday, January 26, 2009

Admit it, Peter, you're a cheerleader

Washington Post Columnist, Peter Beinart, offered his thoughts on the success of The Surge in Iraq.
But if Iraq overall represents a massive stain on Bush's record, his decision to increase America's troop presence in late 2006 now looks like his finest hour. Given the mood in Washington and the country as a whole, it would have been far easier to do the opposite. Politically, Bush took the path of most resistance. He endured an avalanche of scorn, and now he has been vindicated. He was not only right; he was courageous.

It's time for Democrats to say so. During the campaign they rarely did for fear of jeopardizing Barack Obama's chances of winning the presidency. But today, the hesitation is less tactical than emotional. Most Democrats think Bush has been an atrocious president, and they want to usher him out of office with the jeers he so richly deserves. Even if they suspect, in their heart of hearts, that he was right about the surge, they don't want to give him the satisfaction.

OYE Comment: Poor Peter, life as a journalist without credibility must suck. Whether he's right or wrong we don't care. Mr. Beinart has been a pro-war blowhard the entire decade and, being only 37 years old, he's still eligible to serve in uniform if he chooses. So basically his opinions are about as useless to us as a Magnum sized condom is to him.



At 28 January, 2009 17:31, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I just e-mailed him.

I told him his credibility lacks, and he should enlist.

At 28 January, 2009 19:07, Anonymous Robert Hamer said...

He's giving WAY too much credit to George Bush. The ex-President was just as opposed to the surge as the Democrats (and a lot of Republicans) in 2006. It was the insight and courage of people like John McCain and General Petraeus who championed it from the beginning and worked very hard to convince Bush to implement it and their political detriment.

Too bad I wasn't there to see the success of it firsthand, but maybe I'll see something like that soon, unlike Peter Beinart.

At 01 February, 2009 08:24, Blogger Ski Ninja! said...

I just got stop-lossed because of people like him....
thanks you bastards.

At 04 February, 2009 14:38, Blogger Groenhagen said...


What credibility do YOU have? You have yet to serve in the military. When will YOU man up and enlist?


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