Friday, January 23, 2009

Anthony Mantova Update: A candidate for the Army Fat Farm?

Yellow Elephant Anthony Mantova has returned home to Humboldt County, California, trying to make some money by selling then-Sen. Barack Obama [D-IL]'s business card on Craigslist. He's asking $600/or best offer.

To find out more about Mantova, just Search This Blog on his surname. It's a hoot!

We think it's time for the good people of Humboldt County to encourage Mantova to shape up, exercise and Be A Man! Enlist! Nothing short of putting his fat a-- on the line will give him a shot at the leadership credibility he clearly seeks, and at which he, so conspicuously, falls short.



At 23 January, 2009 21:52, Blogger robash141 said...

I don't know if army fat farm would help this guy.

Undoubtedly , the largest, most stubborn globule of unsightly fat on Mantova's body is located directly between his ears.

At 24 January, 2009 18:21, Blogger Connecticut Man1 said...

I am not saying anyone should do anything with this, ya know!

Because some things are better left unlearned...

And I really never should have read this:
Big fun with programmable road signs

The fine folks at i-Hacked tell you how to make an ADDCO portable sign say whatever you want. Not that you should because, of course, that would be wrong.

/evil grin

At 26 January, 2009 15:04, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow. What an ass you are. If you actually said something about Tov's politics - which is obviouslly the issue here - then you might actually start a discussion.

At 26 January, 2009 23:52, Blogger Wek said...

Anon- since we were not able to "start a discussion" we thank you for taking the initiative with your insightful comment.

At 10 February, 2009 18:35, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow. It's been years since I've seen him, and he's put on a lot of weight.

That guy was always a loser. He'll be working weird, random jobs for the rest of his life while thinking that he's "smashing liberal scum" - or some equally ridiculous mindset.


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