Friday, February 15, 2008

Dialogue with Jason L. Van Dyke, Esq.

Operation Yellow Elephant, a non-partisan grass roots citizens initiative to Support Our President, once again thanks Jason L. Van Dyke, Esq. [right], for stepping forward and applying to join our military.

We have updated our earlier posting to note that he is not eligible to serve and is therefore off the hook with Operation Yellow Elephant. We thank him for his continued involvement in our great democracy and wish him all the best.

The real issue concerns the Young Americans for Freedom (YAF) of Michigan State University (MSU). While we admire Mr. Van Dyke's loyalty in defending his friends, let's be honest: They can speak for themselves.

Feel free to share your views on this topic, in a respectful manner, through comments on their blogs, here and here, just as we welcome their participation in our discussion. Thank you.

Why this is relevant.


At 16 February, 2008 14:21, Blogger robash141 said...

Perhaps Jason didn't appreciate some of the things I said about his friends.

I'm glad that he understood that my sacrastc comments were directed at his cohorts. Lest anyone be under the mistaken impression I was just crapping on the guy for having an unfortunate accident. After all i'm no Michele Malkin.

Jason himself is not a Yellow Elephant he just misguidedly champions their cause.
I frankly, am not buying this whole "most of us are anti-war libertarians or something so shut up." explanation.
Wasn't the YAF the ones who did "the chickenhawk talking points"?

They seem to buy into the whole Bush package --except for the Iraq war-
I got news for you kiddies the Iraq war doesn't just exist in a vaacum it existt as the result of far right wing policies that caused the war, Polocies they still champion.
Thes guys campaign for agressively pro war, pro torture, and pro power grab politcians like Romney and Tancredo.

They go to places like CPAC and hang out with the pro war crowd.

It seems to me a lot of these dudes themselves were aggressively pro- war , pro torture and pro executive extra constitutional power grabs until very recently.

Now, all the sudden they're libertarians who they act like they never heard of Bush. I'm not buying it until I see more evidence.

I'm touched that Jason would Jason would consider abandoning his libertarian principles by offering to 'bitch slap me pro bono"

And finally Jason, i'm not some cowardly punk who hides behind a keyboard to talk trash". as you have so unfairly characterized me I make no real effort to conceal my identity.

Jason should I also served our country honorably in the US army paratroopers.
I'm not old or disabled nor do I resemble Alan Colmes.
So if Jason is under the mistaken impression that he would just be able to walk up and bitch slap me, I can assure him that he would end up wishing that he hadn't

At 16 February, 2008 14:33, Blogger LT Nixon said...

I respect the medical reasons for not partaking in the military and I also respect Mr. Van Dyke's suffix of "Esquire". Perhaps he should get in touch with long-time friend Ted "Theodore" Logan and have a "Wyld Stallyns" reunion tour to provide a service to our great nation.

At 16 February, 2008 19:08, Blogger robash141 said...

I would have to also cut Tyler Whitney some slack as well.
Not due to any demonstrable courage or commitment on Tyler's part mind you. Only because the US Military has an official policy of discrimination towards patriotic Americans of Tyler's sexual orientation.
Even if he wanted to sign up he would not be able to so, I think that's unfair.

Tyler is a member of the "Army of Nunn" (named after conservative GA Senator who led the fight against gays in the Military) rather than the "Army Of None"

At 17 February, 2008 13:16, Anonymous cartoon coyote said...

Tyler Whitney: Card-carrying member of the Ernst Röhm Fan Club.

At 17 February, 2008 14:06, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Many of these YAF people were pro war until it became cool to say that they're libertarian and therefore anti-war.

I doubt that most of them even know what they believe. They only say that they're anti-war because they think that's what a libertarian is supposed to believe. They take pride in separating themselves ideologically from the mainstream GOP. At the same time, they have no problem ranting and raving about "islamofascism" and how Muslims need to be wiped out.

These are the same guys who supported Tom Tancredo for a long time. They did this even though Tancredo is a big supporter of the war. At CPAC 2007, many of these individuals were walking around with Tancredo stickers and cheering him on every chance they got.

Now, it's suddenly "in" to be anti-war and claim that they're libertarians.

What a bunch of idiots.

At 17 February, 2008 14:07, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, Tyler Whitney was also the webmaster for Tancredo's presidential campaign.

At 17 February, 2008 15:07, Blogger robash141 said...

Plus it's a lot easier to harass dirt-poor lettuce pickers than it is to get out there and mix it up with those nasty terrorists. After all, A fellow could get hurt that way.

It is to the credit of mainstream Republicans that they barely gave the Tancredo campaign a sniff.

And smarmy chameleon Romney who co-opted a lot of Tan's postions didn't do much better considering how much $$$$ he threw away.

Claiming to be paleo-con acolytes of Patrick Buchanan doesn't help them either IMHO Pat may be right about Iraq but it doesn't really.
atone for his repulsive chicken-hawkery during his Nixon days,
You could say Pat was the original yellow elephant.

At 17 February, 2008 19:59, Blogger Karl said...

RobAsh141 16 February, 2008 19:08

Yes, thanks to former Senator Sam Nunn [D-GA], Bill Clinton, the early-1990s Pentagon and, now, the Republican Party, non-heterosexuals like Tyler Whitney remain "off the hook" with Operation Yellow Elephant.

'All the more reason for heterosexual males to Be A Man! Enlist!

At 20 February, 2008 11:09, Anonymous Anonymous said...


Some of these YAF members are not as anti-war as they'd like you to believe.

Take Joe Sylvester for example. He's the guy with all neck and no chin from the YAF dinner photo.

I stumbled upon a Facebook group called "1,000,000 people for the WIN in Iraq."

Much to my surprise, there was a rather extreme pro-war comment from Joe Sylvester. It's one thing to support the war, but it's another thing to advocate something this extreme.

Now, I can't seem to recall hearing this individual ever claim that he's tried to join the Army. Seems like yet another chickenhawk. Let someone else do the fighting so he can put on a cheap suit and play activist.

I'm sure that similar remarks can be found from many of the other YAF members.

KOS himself wrote about Anthony Mantova, another one of YAFers in that photo.

At 21 February, 2008 16:58, Blogger robash141 said...

Mantova and I from the same place..
I consider him an embarrassment to our home area ..

He has stated that one of his eventual ambitions Is to return home and run for public office.

I have news for this coward, he will never represent our town in Congress , the legislature or any other capacity.

If he has political ambitions should pursue them somewhere else.

At 21 February, 2008 17:56, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah, he doesn't have a chance anyway. He's a bottom-feeder activist who will never go anywhere in politics. I'm familiar with the type. They rush out to Washington DC to work for crappy non-profits on the far right and acquire a false sense of self-importance. There must be something about working in DC and putting on a cheap suit that causes them to inflate their egos and sense of place in the workforce.

Kyle Bristow is a great example of this. He's stated that he wants to run for office but we all know it'll never happen. To think that anyone with his history and negative image will ever make it is simply laughable.

At 11 June, 2008 09:43, Blogger Doppelganger said...

Seems Jason is also a flaming homophobe.

Who would have thought - the cowboy hat says it all, really.


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