Monday, January 28, 2008

"Fledgling Chickenhawks"

Daily Kos diarist, Duke S, recently did a post highlighting many of Our Country's most 'prominent' Yellow Elephants. Duke offers some great links and also added the material to "build your own" chickenhawk. Most importantly Duke S provides commentary like the following:
If you spend your life arguing for war, celebrating war, and calling people who question war traitors then please do us all a favor and go down to your local recruiter's office and enlist. If you are under 42, enjoy fomenting war, have not served, and have not enlisted then you qualify for the 43rd Chairborne Chickenhawks.

OYE Comment: We would like to warmly welcome Duke S to Operation Yellow Elephant and for asking those that are eligible, but unwilling to serve, to enlist. We also thank you for providing a overview of OYE in your diary.


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I found some more:


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