Saturday, January 12, 2008

Where's the Call to Service? Where's the Service?

Iraq Veteran John Bruhns contributes to HuffingtonPost. Money quote:
Ever since I came home from Iraq I have been fighting for an end to the war. On my travels I have encountered plenty of resistance from young able-bodied Americans who want our troops to fight and die in Iraq while they sit on their lazy backsides. I have zero tolerance for the rhetoric of those very same people who talk tough about the death and destruction in Iraq while they just stay home.

The mobilization of this element in American society is the one of the most disgraceful tragedies of the entire war.

My message to them is "put up or shut up."

If we as a nation are not willing to share in the sacrifice, we have no business being at war - period.


At 20 January, 2008 10:43, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Meet Geoff Smock. He's between the ages of 18-42, possibly heterosexual,
president of the local chapter of college republicans, and totally for the war.

BTW. Did I mention that he as no intention of serving


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