Wednesday, January 09, 2008

60 year old attempting to re-up

From the Army Times:

BEREA, Ohio — A man who turned 60 and was forced to leave the Army because of a retirement policy said he wants the military to take him back for another tour in Iraq or Afghanistan.

Austin Asher, a former master sergeant, retired in 2007 after serving 31 years in the Army, National Guard and Army Reserves, including two tours of Iraq.

OYE Comment: We wish MSG Asher well as he awaits the decision from the Army's Human Resources Command. Asher is a man of integrity that would turn down an enlistment bonus and is willing to take a pay cut, if necessary, to be with his "thousands of sons and daughters out there". Austin's leading by example has contributed greatly to Our Country beyond his own legacy- 4 of his children currently serve in The Military.

Hat Tip also to Newshouse.


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