Thursday, January 03, 2008

A Credible Opinion

John Bruhns, a Huffington Post contributor and Iraq War combat veteran, offers his thoughts on those not willing to carry a rifle into The War that they 'support'.

As an Iraq veteran I feel that I have earned the right to have that opinion without being called a traitor or a radical by the pro-war element in our society who for the most part commit no sacrifice of their own. (Chickenhawk is a nice word for a coward, but if the shoe fits wear it.)

There is only a certain number of times that I can be called these names before my heart turns to stone in regard to those people who advocate for the war in Iraq, but lack the courage to go anywhere near it.

Furthermore, I have pure and utter disdain for those who call the war in Iraq "America's war" only to fight it from their office, cubical, classroom, or couch.


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