Sunday, January 20, 2008

One More Year

Our next President takes the Oath of Office one year from now.

So far, we have not been impressed with how any of the candidates (of either major party) plans to deal with Iraq and, for that matter, Afghanistan and the rest of the world.

Although this blog has not taken a position on the current conflict, we do know that our new President will have to deal with it come Inauguration Day.

How does (s)he plan to do so? Why should we believe that?

And why isn't our national media asking them to demonstrate credible national leadership by setting a good example for the rest of us?


At 26 January, 2008 11:21, Blogger Bill Harshaw said...

I think it's easy to understand. Except for Ron Paul, all the Republicans seem to have roughly the same position on Iraq and Afghanistan and all the Democrats have a different but similar position. No one is going to win primary votes by highlighting their positions. Afghanistan seems, to this observer, to be a very tricky and messy place. Any position taken now may look bad by autumn. So the risks of talking about Afghanistan are high and the potential rewards low.

When the parties select their nominees, that calculus may change.



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