Wednesday, January 30, 2008

It's Him Again

"Young conservatives are more likely to join The Military than to join a Presidential campaign. Liberals don't have to worry about young people leaving their staff to defend America."
Having avoided serving, Jason Mattera, is not the most credible person to make the above statement, but being devoid of tact and decency may have opened the door for him as a contributor to

Mr. Mattera- for your own knowledge here's a link to a audio interview that Black Five's Uncle Jimbo did with Alex Horton from Army of Dude (H/T to Both participants are Veterans. Both have EARNED credibility by serving Our Country. Both speak of the diversity of political opinions in The Service.

Below is Mr. Mattera's video explaining why the GOP must capture the youth vote. His statement we highlighted begins at the 2:29 mark (We don't anticipate many will wish to endure the entire 4 minutes). Although Jason is still young enough to serve, when watching this video you may get the sense he's beginning to force youth upon himself much like the lead singer of that lame band Limp Bizkit did when he put on a backwards red cap, baggy pants and attempted to appeal to adolescents.

Hat Tip: LT Nixon (one of the premier Milbloggers currently serving in Iraq)


At 30 January, 2008 10:08, Blogger LT Nixon said...

Thanks OYE. While I would probably replace "premier" with "causes the most trouble", I appreciate the nod. Speaking of hat-tips, I just caught Ben Shapiro on the news talking about the imagery of the presidents and John Edwards' and Mitt's haircut, man that guy needs to enlist.

At 30 January, 2008 18:37, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm a conservative and this guy is embarrassing to watch. What a dumbass. Of course, I wouldn't expect much more from Young America's Foundation. After all, that group is one of the biggest scams and employs some similarly idiotic people (Roger Custer anyone?).

This video reminds me of when some older people try to look "hip" and communicate to the younger crowd - ending up failing at both of course.

At 30 January, 2008 22:30, Anonymous Anonymous said...

that guy reminds me a lot of adam sandler.

At 31 January, 2008 02:43, Blogger Robert Hamer said...

Have any of you guys checked out the actual Youtube page that this video is on? It looks like we're not the only ones calling out this dude on his bullshit.

jcm1883: "what a moron!"

griffstylee: "Young people don't vote conservative because they know how to use a computer so that they can get good information and realize that everything that guys like this say is a crock of shit. And it's been proven that a lot of soldiers are going to vote for Obama."

VioletClub: "Ooohhhh. 'Ubiquitous threat.'

Conservatives skeptical of government???? Not quite, and exactly WHY (as you put it) young conservatives are more likely yo join the military. Dumb."

illegalsout: "jason i see your bio at yaf does not even talk abuot your service in iraq. you should not be so humble about this it is something to be proud of maybe a picture of you in uniform would be good too"

Metafact: "Considering the fact that you have never served in the military, Mr. Mattera, you are the last person who should make assumptions like that. But then again, I suppose I shouldn't expect anything different from a hypocritical chickenhawk like you."

Interestingly enough, that last comment got a response from Mattera: "the LAST thing liberals want to do is question the ideological makeup of the military. 83 percent of servicemen describe themselves as moderate to conservative. Only 8 percent—8 percent—describe themselves as liberal. Secondly, it's an intellectually defenseless argument to say that every person who supports the military must therefore join. Metafact supports police officers, but i'm sure he's not a cop"


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