Monday, July 23, 2007

Mark Lippert, A Credible National Leader for America

Operation Yellow Elephant salutes Mr. Mark Lippert, a member of the Naval Reserve, who in civilian life is foreign policy advisor to Senator Barack Obama (D-IL), a Democratic Presidential candidate.

Mr. Lippert has just been called to active duty.

Unlike the Yellow Elephants, Mr. Lippert understands and accepts the national leadership responsibility to set a good example for the rest of us. We thank Mr. Lippert for his service to our country and wish him all the best.

Hat tip to AmericaBlog.


At 23 July, 2007 23:11, Anonymous blogenfreude said...

Wow. He has 'other priorities', but he ignores them and serves his country. If I had a hat, it would be off to Mr. Lippert. Godspeed, sir.

At 24 July, 2007 00:53, Blogger Doogman said...

Here's wishing him a SAFE and PROMPT return.

Oh, wait, the GOP is running this war.

(bows head, hand over heart)

At 24 July, 2007 09:34, Anonymous AmericanPride said...

All kidding aside, only the best to Mr. Lippert and all of our troops overseas!


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