Thursday, June 21, 2007

Dialogue with an anonymous Young Republican

See Comment 1 from June 20:

OYE: If the Young Republicans really wanted to Support Our Troops, they would pass a unanimous resolution at YRNC2007 urging their non-veteran members [if healthy and heterosexual; YRs are all under 41 already] to contact military recruiters and Be A Man! Enlist!

Anonymous Young Republican: Your problem is that you do not understand the purpose for the YRs. It isn't about supporting the President. It's about developing new leadership for tomorrow.

Where would we be if, let's say Ronald Reagan, had "been a man", by your definition, and had been killed on the beaches of Normandy? The USA would have been denied our greatest president ever!

I consider it my true patriotic duty to complete law school, start my career and my climb up the GOP leadership ranks. It would be tragic should some impressionable Young Republican heed your misguided advice, and cost our great country our next "Ronald Reagan".

We are your future leaders. It would be a terrible waste to sacrifice us in Iraq. [Emphasis in original.]

20 June, 2007 20:14

OYE Comment: This Young Republican clearly has no understanding of real leadership, including personal responsibility. You may think that you and the other YRs are our "future leaders," but why are you worthy of our followership? There are plenty of other ambitious political types out there offering solutions rather than excuses.

Military service develops and builds good leadership; many veterans have led our nation with distinction at the local, state and national levels after returning to civilian life. As Our Founder Jesus' General puts it atop his blog, the whole point of Operation Yellow Elephant is to Save America, and the Republican Party, by reminding its future leaders of their national leadership responsibility to set a good example for the rest of us.

Since you aspire to leadership in the Republican Party, you should be prepared. The reason you are anonymous, and won't even use a blog name, is because you rightly fear being labeled as a Chickenhawk, even though it appears you won't even support the war with your words. [You already don't support it through your actions.]

If you're healthy, heterosexual and 41 or under, however, you're not a Chickenhawk - yet. There's still time for you to demonstrate your courage and worth to your fellow citizens. Contact a military recruiter, or officer selection officer, and see if you can measure up. You're clearly motivated, energetic and articulate, which is why we haven't given up on you.

Besides, after a likely eight years of Hillary, maybe the American people will want to give the Republicans another chance. Don't miss your opportunity! Be A Man! Enlist!

P.S. By the way, Ronald Reagan did serve in our military during World War II. He never saw combat, but he did wear the uniform. He deserves respect for his service to our country in its time of need.


At 21 June, 2007 21:32, Anonymous JoeD said...

Even Bush senior served in time of war. Perhaps that experience helped him avoid needless war in Iraq.
Your correspondent emphasises that the purpose of the Young Republicans is to develop leadership rather than support the president. He must be referring to the inadequacies of the current President and VP, who as young men didn't really do much to serve their country at a time of war.
Seems to me that true leadership comes from offering to serve!

At 22 June, 2007 09:52, Anonymous Anonymous said...

What the young Republican doesn't seem to understand or acknowledge is that he and his ilk usually VIOLENTLY denounce those of us against the war.

If he is typical, he would have NO problem calling someone against the war a piece of crap...yet he will not put any personal effort into the war he so adamantly advocates.

Another thing he doesn't realize about leadership is that people aren't stupid. Those in corporate America have seen and put up with too many un-accomplished power hungry crap bags who get to power through patronage and being a sychophant.

You always had power hungry egomaniacts but they used to have some ability and they actually tried to do thier job.

Every now and then maybe a complete zero slipped in but it was the exception not the rule.

Now the poor managers get in to power on the coatails of thier patron (and like GW) they believe somehow just getting there qualifies them to BE THERE.

People in general are done with this act as Mr. Young republican do-nothing is going to find out when he steps up to "lead".

~Foo Fighter~

At 23 June, 2007 14:35, Blogger OYE said...

Foo Fighter-

Thank you.

Please send us an e-mail.

operationyellowelephant at gmail dot com.

We'll be happy to provide a no-strings-attached gmail invite if you'd like.

At 27 June, 2007 00:17, Blogger 5thKolumnisto said...

You're all aware that "the greatest president ever" didn't join the YRs even though he was in his 20s when they went national, right? How is Reagan an example of the YRs as a path to leadership? What if he'd been killed in the war? What if? What if he'd spent the war years hopping freights and smoking reefer? Either way, he wasn't honing his leadership skills in the Young Republicans. Somehow the nation lives on . . . .



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