Thursday, June 14, 2007

Adam Kokesh Update

Not surprisingly, the Marine Corps approved June 13 a general (under honorable conditions) discharge from the Individual Ready Reserve (IRR) for former Sgt. Adam Kokesh, an Iraq veteran who already received an honorable discharge from active duty. This is one step down from an honorable discharge but allows Kokesh to keep his veteran's benefits.

Kokesh's IRR commitment was to expire June 18. The Marine Corps went after him for wearing his old uniform [without military insignia] at a political protest.

There must be some reason why the Marine Corps wants to give a significant boost to former Sgt. Kokesh's efforts to encourage more public opposition to the war. Any suggestions?


At 15 June, 2007 00:07, Anonymous Craig said...

What a wierd case. If you check out gay porn star Cpl Matt Sanchez's site - he now claims to be an embedded journalist in Iraq and is wearing his military uniform. Isn't that a violation?

At 15 June, 2007 12:58, Blogger Karl said...

Of course not.

CPL Sanchez is acting in direct support of U.S. Marine Corps recruiting efforts.

So are we.

At 15 June, 2007 14:58, Blogger Gunfighter said...

The Corps is now being run by idiots.


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