Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Call Rep. Rangel's Bluff: Be A Man! Enlist!

Rep. Charles Rangel (D-NY) has renewed his call for a draft, in part to force a public debate on the war in Iraq, and, in part (some say) to embarrass President Bush. HuffingtonPost's Bob Cesca says it's time for the College and Young Republicans to call his bluff:

Let's go, chickenhawks. Preempt Charlie Rangel's draft. Over the next week or so, we can expect to read about a sudden jump in military recruitment primarily composed of Americans who think the Iraq War was a most excellent adventure -- but especially amongst those who don't want America to cut-and-run like all those effete San Francisco liberals.

HuffingtonPost's Paul Abrams is asking some embarrassing questions:

This was in response to my simple request of Charlie Rangel: Go to the well of the House, and ask the simple question why it is that not a single member of the Bush family--nephews, nieces, children--have volunteered for Iraq. Note how even with Rangel's proposal, no one in the major media, not even Rangel himself, raises the specific question of the Bush family's military-age members, or Cheney's or other Administration officials.

This is the MSM's Conspiracy of Silence.

That's why we warmy we welcome HuffingtonPost's Bob Cesca and Paul Abrams to Operation Yellow Elephant.


At 23 November, 2006 02:32, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Here is the ultimate Yellow Elephant/Chicken Hawk smack-down:


At 23 November, 2006 11:17, Blogger Karl said...


Thank you. It's up. As is our warm welcome to any and all tips.

At 25 November, 2006 05:45, Blogger Gene said...

Here's John Heilprin's Washington Post article from Sunday, 19 November: Rep. Rangel Will Seek to Reinstate Draft


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