Sunday, November 12, 2006

U.S. Marine Corps Asks Republican soon-to-be-Ex-Staffers The Question: Will You Be A Man! Enlist!?

Republican staffers, a new career awaits

Dear Republican staffer-

As you know, the last election cycle has left many of you looking for employment.

We are hiring.

We know many of you are patriotic Americans who long to serve their country, and take great pride in the country and it's ideals.

I'll be honest, we need more Marines.

We need the kind of men and women who want to serve this country, and often face danger.

Having served the Congress, you know the peril we face. Without your help, all of our work and effort in the war on terror may come to naught.

We need you to join the fight. Anyone between 17-35 can enlist in the Marines, although we prefer enlistees by 27 or 28. We will consider older candidates.

Those interested can get more information at

We have information on becoming a commissioned officer for college graduates. The Marines need new, dedicated officers like you.

We hope you consider joining the Marine Corps as your next career option.

Semper Fi,

Col. D. Michael Clayburn

Recruiting, USMC

Pass along to your friends.

Hat tip to Steve Gilliard.


At 12 November, 2006 10:51, Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's not a Republican war anymore. Democrats own it. Now it's their turn to serve.

At 12 November, 2006 14:38, Blogger Karl said...

Well, actually, it's a bipartisan, which is to say American, war.

Don't worry. Our governing party still controls the upcoming lame duck session of Congress.

That said, we're already looking at the other party as well.

Thanks for your support.

At 13 November, 2006 09:11, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anonymouse, you're a horse's hind region. Who's the Commander in Chief? No, the CinC isn't Harry Reid or Nancy Pelosi--the CinC is your boi Bush.

Iraq is the Republicans' war, and it will continue to be so until a Dem takes over as CinC.


At 13 November, 2006 22:25, Blogger Blogenfreude said...

Especially all those Pombo, Ney, and George Allen staffers ... they REALLY owe a debt to their country!

At 14 November, 2006 07:42, Anonymous Happenstance said...

It's not a Republican war anymore.

Wow, they can't wait to hand off that hot potato. Why the sudden urge to cut and run, o mighty mighty culture warriors? I though victory was right around the corner?

At 14 November, 2006 11:35, Blogger Brave Soldat Svejk said...

Now it's their turn to serve.

GOP staffers have already served? Wow! I didn't notice any when I was serving in Army infantry units. Maybe they were all in the Special Ops community? No... come to think of it, I served there, too and didn't meet any. Guess they must have all served in the USMC.

Anonymous, why don't you leave your real name so we can all laugh at you.

At 14 November, 2006 12:03, Blogger pissed off patricia said...

Save a uniform for little Ricky from Pa.
And don't forget the twins from Crawford Tx.

At 14 November, 2006 12:05, Anonymous JennyO said...

of the few rich elitist republicans that did serve--i wonder how many of them did george jr. type 'service'.
which brings on another thought...the military higher ups are also culpable in this mess...a lot of our leading officers are from the same fraternity as the bush family--evidence the fact that the pentagon went to pains to 'lose' george jr's service records.
how bout it veterans--i know for a fact that the military has my dad's and grand dad's and great grand dad's service records--they misplaced george's?
history has proven time and again that the practice of handing someone high office or command based on family ties and favors leads to a weakened military that is led by a self serving bunch of high officers who are trusted less every day by the citizens and the ground level fighting and support forces.
the military needs to stop heaping goodies on aristocrats.

At 14 November, 2006 12:15, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Bush bitches won't fight. Iraq is a 'dry state'.

What incentive have they?

At 14 November, 2006 14:54, Anonymous dejah thoris said...

Mommy's babies always come here and post as "anonymous" especially when their shortcomings (failure to serve, support of thieving Republicans, chickenhawks and other public scum) are made evident.

So what is it Little Green Footballers and fighting Keyboarders? Too chickenshit to fight in the war you "support"? I imagine you're all sitting around chasing the spouses of servicemen who are over there serving in your place. There's nothing lower than a chickenhawk.

Stop with the whiny-ass titty-baby excuses and get over to the recruiting stations. And take along a few DC Rethugs with you.

Come on kiddies... no excuses. If not, well, then you've just proved your "manhood" in front of all of us. Lookin' mighty little to me...

At 14 November, 2006 15:18, Blogger Bode Miller Jokes said...

Look behind you -- it's a terrorist!

At 14 November, 2006 19:00, Anonymous Chubwaybway said...

I wouldn't sweat the load on Republicans joining the Corps, not just anybody can be a Marine.

Just like the joke - what do you get when you cross a Republican and a pig? Will never know because, there are just somethings not even a pig will do.

At 14 November, 2006 19:21, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your opinions suck. Stand up for something that you, as a repblican, started. How could you EVER start this friggen war and now give all of the responsibility to us? You were all gung-ho about it when you were in power, but now, you are being wimps. You call yourselves people? HOW?!?! How could you ever declare that you stand for a cause again?

I am a strong democrat...very strong....and I was going to stay neutral on this case, but you guys suck at life. I cannot possibly that anyone has a defense for this because guess what....THERE IS NONE!!!

You started a war, and everyone knows it was the republicans alone, because democrats opposed the war.

Get better day jobs, because you obviously aren't satisfying anyone at night.

OBAMA '07!!!

At 15 November, 2006 08:57, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"it's not a Republican war anymore."

Sorry pal. It was your fratboy's party and YOU get to shampoo the rug. Oh yeah, and the bill for the kegger is on the sink.

At 15 November, 2006 09:51, Anonymous SgtGene said...

Clearly you have forgotten the Republican Staffers are much too important to waste on the frontlines. They need to keep beating the drums at home. Especially exposing the Francophillic Defeat-o-crats who are emboldening the Ted Kennedy-loving Insurgents of Iraq and ensuring the Government keeps enough of the lesser classes impoverished and ready to serve.

So to be blunt those staffers need to stay here in America and get jobs as lobbyists for Boeing and Northrop Grumman.

At 17 November, 2006 23:25, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey now!

The Marines are looking for a few GOOD men!

Not a bunch of WATB's!

Let 'em join the army. Somebody needs to scrub the latrines.


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