Friday, April 07, 2006

Welcome Brigham Young Univ. to Operation Yellow Elephant

David Hunsaker, President of the Brigham Young University [Utah] College Republicans, strongly supports President Bush on Iraq:

When will this be over? Much of the world wants a date, but we don't have one, and that's alright. Here's why: Let's review the basics: What are we fighting for? Freedom for our fellow men. Who are our enemies? People who hate freedom. What are we willing to pay? That should be a rhetorical question. . . . [full text here] . . .

What is the Republican view on the future in Iraq? It should be obvious. We believe in freedom for our fellow men, but thankfully we don't have a date for completion. We are willing to go until we can go no more and give everything for this priceless gift we call liberty.

The response:

College Republicans President David Hunsaker's statement was trite, at best. After a dim-witted series of rhetorical questions and then laughably comparing President Bush’s plight to that of George Washington battling the British, he framed the American cause in Iraq as a gallant fight for freedom and liberty. And one that he wants to “go” until we can “go no more.” . . . . .

I’m wondering when we can expect Mr. Hunsaker’s enlistment.

OYE Comment: OK, Mr. Hunsaker, Be A Man! Enlist! And bring along 1st Vice Chair Chris Bates, Treasurer Brooke Huddleston, Executive Director Jacob Runyon and Recruitment Director Jace Fullmer along with you.

After all, what do you mean by "we," anyway?


At 08 April, 2006 00:14, Blogger merlallen said...

Why would anybody hate freedom? that is just plain stupid. I mean anyone other than bush and his allies in the mid east like the Saudis and the Pakistani rulers.

At 08 April, 2006 19:48, Blogger glenda said...

Because when we have freedom, they have less power to make the rules, define the rules and change the rules.

At 08 April, 2006 19:50, Blogger pinkfem said...

power, all about the power, and the money they make from their power.

At 08 April, 2006 23:51, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Yellow Elephant. How about John Kerry, "I supported the War before I opposed it?" Well, the REpubs have their own version. Someone who skirted Vietnam (i.e. Bill Clinton and the deferments) who voted for the War in Iraq, and then didn't vote.

Hmmmmm, Hypocricy rears its ugly head once again.

At 09 April, 2006 22:10, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Psssst, anonymous.

Kerry lost the election, and Bill Clinton isn't president any more. Time you started taking responsibility for your own party and President's actions instead of desparately pointing at others as a diversion. It makes you seem kind of silly, really.

At 10 April, 2006 12:14, Blogger Karl said...

anonymous 8:51 pm-

anonymous 7:10 pm is quite right. Where have you been since January 20, 2001 (and 2005)?

Our governing party controls both Houses of Congress as well as the White House. President Bush has yet to veto a single bill. It's clear where national leadership responsibility lies: on the shoulders of those who were elected to govern our country.

That's why Operation Yellow Elephant reminds the future leaders of our governing party of their national leadership responsibility to set a good example for the rest of us.

At 06 June, 2006 18:41, Blogger Brooke Jean said...

The problem with certain people is that they make too many assumptions. There are certain people mentioned in the above response that have tried to enlist in the army/navy/air force, however, they have been denied due to physical limitations. Does this then make us less patriotic? I would say not! I serve my country in many ways. Just because I am not enlisted does not mean I do not do all I can to fulfill my duty as an American citizen.


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