Sunday, April 02, 2006

We Agree: Don't Politicize Our Soldiers

Major General (Ret.) Geoffrey C. Lambert urges all Americans not to politicize our soldiers. This applies both to the left (criticizing individual soldiers as a proxy for policies established by our national leadership) and the right (stating that to criticize policy equates with attacking individual soldiers). We agree.

Operation Yellow Elephant focuses public attention on those who are eligible to serve who support the policy (i.e., the war) but have not considered serving themselves. We also focus on those not eligible to serve who support the policy but have not urged their eligible relatives and friends, their circles of influence, to consider serving. And we thank anyone not accepted for enlistment for stepping forward.

We respect and thank all veterans for their service, and thank ROTC, OCS (etc.) for their commitment to serving our nation. We favorably publicize examples of real Americans, especially College and Young Republicans, with the courage of their convictions.

Please feel free to protest anything you want. But, for example, if you picket an Armed Forces Recruiting Station (which is your right), please go inside to say hello first, just so everyone knows it's not personal.

The individual servicemember is a real American (citizen or not), just like all of us, and is part of our community and our country. Focus your attention on the political leadership that makes national policies if you want them to change. All Americans thank you.


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