Thursday, April 06, 2006

Anti-War Referendum Wins in Madison, thanks to College Republican Jordan Smith

The anti-war referendum won Madison, Wisconsin, by a greater than 2-1 margin.

University of Wisconsin College Republicans Chair [Ms.] Jordan Smith, who voted against the referendum, speculated the referendum was created to criticize the Bush administration.

“I’m disappointed that Madison chose to vote this way,” Smith said. “But I can’t say I’m totally surprised given Madison’s liberal reputation.”

Smith said the College Republicans are now working on a response to the referendum’s success.

“We’re still recovering from the news,” Smith said of her organization. “I wish we had gotten more people to vote ‘no.’”

Well, Jordan, after you told the campus newspaper you hadn't made plans for after graduation, we invited you to consider military service. That, at least, would have added some credibility to your position.

While you're considering your future plans, why not join Operation Yellow Elephant?


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