Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Military Recruiting Lead: Loyola University, Chicago

Attention Military Recruiters:

Every Ann Coulter speech at a college campus is political performance art; she's a real man who can take anything and dish out even more. Ambitious leftists welcome her appearances, many of which are sponsored by the College Republicans and even receive official student activity funding. [She supports free market capitalism and practices it herself. No hypocrisy here.] And she draws a crowd:

When interrupted by leftists, Coulter asked the "Republican, heterosexual males" to "take [the protestors] out." Roughly a dozen College Republicans rose from their seats to heed her advice, only to be stopped by security officers who advised them to return to their seats.

"I think it was wrong for Coulter to attempt to incite what seemed to me was violence," Senior Sean Murphy, vice president of the College Republicans, said. "I don't feel it was her place to call on students to kick out members of the student body. There were people assigned to do that."

The real question, of course, is why those dozen "[College] Republican, heterosexual males" are in college and not in uniform. If they are veterans, we thank them for their service. If they are in ROTC or OCS, we thank them for their commitment to serving our nation.

College Republicans Vice President Sean Murphy is quite correct that the "people assigned" for security are trained professionals. But what about the "people assigned" to serve in Iraq? Will that include him? How about Chairman Lazlo Varjo, Treasurer Justin Adair and Secretary Ed Milas? [Ask Ed Milas again.]


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