Wednesday, November 02, 2005

UNC Greensboro Yellow Elephant

Straight from the keyboard:

From: winstonpundit2005-11-03 04:56 pm (UTC)
Re: Ask the Iraq Question to the College Republicans!

The reason I don't volunteer is because I don't want to go to Iraq and fight.

I do want "other people" to go over and fight because they are keeping me and my family and you and all of us safe.
I also want "other people" to arrest murders and hunt down criminals.
I want "other people" to pick up my garbage.
I want "other people" to fish for king crab in the Artic Sea so I can eat them at Red Lobster even though it is the most dangerous job and many of the fishermen die every season.

I don't need to directly participate to support the outcome of other people’s choices of work.

Let's see if we can inspire this patriotic Young Republican to Support The President!


At 03 November, 2005 19:25, Blogger Aaron Kinney said...

ROFL he wants other people to die for him!

The King Crab analogy fails on so many levels. The one that jumped to my mind first is: Crab fishing isnt an ideological "cause" intended to make America "safe."

Besides, there is a definite shortage of volunteers for the Armed Services. Is there a desperate shortage of Crab Fishermen?

If the Army had to turn away 100 recruits every day because they were at capacity and didnt have any more room, then this blog likely wouldnt exist. But it simply isnt the case. So whats winstonpundit doing to help the situation he claims to support?

At 03 November, 2005 20:07, Blogger Aaron Kinney said...

Ive posted a couple of replies in there. Its interesting, but they cant come up with any retort other than "youre annoying".

Stupid college republi-bots conforming in-step with their parents conservative and religious views. The good news is that college tends to get people away from fundamentalism and conservatism. These yahos just didnt take that elective I suppose...

At 03 November, 2005 21:05, Blogger evan-genital said...

what an asshole. get his picture somehow and run it. he should be enrolled in the hall of shame.

At 08 November, 2005 16:28, Blogger radar said...

You silly kids...

Here are the most dangerous jobs. Do you work in a building with a steel frame? Does your home have a roof? Do you eat? Do you buy things that were transported in a truck? Because if you do, then you can harldy claim the "my actions put no one in danger" line.

At 08 November, 2005 20:58, Blogger Vaughn D. Taylor said...

radar. Sorry, I don't get what you're saying. We put timber cutters in danger when we buy wood? We put pilots in danger because we fly in planes? And logically, we put soldiers in danger because we do what -- command the military? Last time I checked, I had no power to command the military -- I thought that was the job of the Commander-in-Chief and his subordinates. Soldiers choose their careers, it's true. However, it's the responsibility of the Commander-in-Chief to avoid putting them into harms way for unneccesary purposes. They are not expendable -- not to be used as pawns. Timber cutters, pilots, fishermen, metal workers, etc. are well compensated for their jobs, and they can choose to quit their jobs at any time. Soldiers do not enjoy a good paycheck, and they can be put in prison if they go AWOL. There's simply no comparison -- so just stop with the stupid analogies.

At 10 November, 2005 12:36, Blogger Karl said...


Vaughan D. Taylor is correct. Military service is not just a job and the principal issue is not just money.

If it were, it wouldn't be "service," nor "to our country.

At 12 November, 2005 14:37, Blogger Ernesto Del Mundo said...

The short answer for this guy is: "I have other priorities."

One very sad thing we have learned in the past few years is that you can go far in life while making it clear to people that you don't have a soul.


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