Saturday, February 06, 2010

Support Your Local Veterans!

Operation Yellow Elephant wants to see more - if not all - Americans, whether or not eligible to serve, at least personally knowing a servicemember or recent veteran. Before our national civilian political leadership sends our troops into harm's way, well, the American people should have some idea of what is involved.

That's why we salute California's North Coast Stand Down, a private, voluntary community initiative to supplement and support the local Vet Center by helping veterans in the local community. If you're on California's North Coast, please check them out. Here's a link to an admittedly incomplete list of Nationwide Stand Down events.

More broadly, the Yellow Elephants seem to have heeded OYE's recent motto: Sign Up or Shut Up!, as we haven't heard from very many, on the Democratic or Republican sides of the proverbial political aisle.

So, if you really want to Support Our Troops even without serving yourself, please contact your local veterans service organization or vet center to see how you can help out recent veterans in your community.

This is an integral part of our nation's security and is very much appreciated. Thank you.

Major hat tip to Rob Ash. Thank you for your continuing service to your community and country.


At 07 February, 2010 12:59, Blogger robash141 said...

Thank you for this information . The really good news is that The North Coast Stand Down is neither the first nor the largest of these Stand Down events.

The really great news is that shere are grassroots efforts underway to help our vets happening all over America.

And that people don't need to live only in Northern Califonia to be involed in these types of events
Heres a list of the scheudle for 2010
This list is actually incomplete because they don't list the Ferndale one for the first week in October So their might also be one in your area that is not listed.

At 07 February, 2010 16:10, Blogger OYE said...


Thanks very much. We've amended the post to include the link you have provided.

Thank you again.


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