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We didn't think we'd see them again. Should have known Fox News would have given them a platform.

Note to Mike Huckabee: Don't ever mention Russell Simmons on the same program along with these 2 pet rocks.

HT: Alan B.


At 02 July, 2009 14:09, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh, gag me, those idiots. I swear ANYONE can get their fifteen minutes of fame by calling FOX. Gimme that pair in one of the coal mines I've worked in, I'll get that smirk off their faces and build some muscle on those scrawny rich boy arms. LOL.

Would you believe that FOX had an idiot on the other day who was implying that Phelps bunch was protesting DADT? Yeah, you would, you've watched FOX. Incredible bunch of jerks and liars.


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