Monday, June 08, 2009

A bit off topic

A bit off topic, but anything mocking College Republicans is noteworthy. (H/T: Oliver Willis)
On the first point: Most speakers exhorted the students to recruit more black and Hispanic members, to get outside the stuffy-white-guy stereotype that follows the party like a shadow. This became especially awkward at Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty's keynote speech, where seven white guys—including the College Republican of the Year, white guy Leigh Wolf—sat on the dais to his right. Last year's national leadership had three women; this year's has none. According to those present, in his speech, RNC Chairman Michael Steele singled out the one black woman in the room for special recognition.

But for one long-haired guy unaccountably sporting a red T-shirt that read "I am the revolution" on Saturday morning, the 200-person crowd generally matched the stereotype of a College Republican convention: well-groomed, power-suited Southerners punctuated with the occasional seersucker ensemble or platinum blonde.


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